HappyMais Building Blocks for Girls

HappyMais Building Blocks for Girls
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Product Description

This gift includes:
-1 box of over 700 pieces of HappyMais Building Blocks from Ecotoys made in Italy from Mater-Bi, a natural GM-free certified cornstarch material dyed with non-toxic food colorings. No glue needed and hence no mess! The starch contained in HappyMais works as a natural glue. HappyMais is totally biodegradable and compostable, all of which makes this a truly eco-friendly toy.
Age: 3+ - Type: Flowers and Jewels for Girls

Made of brightly colored cornstarch, each piece becomes a versatile building block in a child's hands. It is safe and fun and can be used to create flowers, jewels, and much more! It only takes a little moisture and they will magically stick together to create all sorts of 2D and 3D colorful sculpted creations but the only real limit is the imagination!

For every box sold, the manufacturer makes a donation to the Earth Fund Association, which protects and conserves large areas of tropical rain forest. This box will help to save 270 square feet of forest.

This box contains:
-over 700 pieces made of natural cornstarch, with various bright colors, sizes and pre-cut shapes to help children with their creations,
-a natural cellulose sponge,
-a Mater-Bi knife (made from cornstarch)
-a cardboard sheet with pop-out flowers & jewels shapes
-and hours of fun!

Versatile art & craft material:
-Cut HappyMais to make the tiniest details for your creations.
-Mould HappyMais with your hands.
-Grate HappyMais to obtain special effects like snow, sand or make fantastic color mixtures.
-Stick HappyMais to window panes in order to create Christmas decorations. Or, you can put it on little wood sticks and create flowers or miniature trees!
-Stick HappyMais to paper and you may create puzzles or build houses and castles (you can use an old cardboard box).
-Wet a piece of HappyMais and rub it on a sheet of paper: it will release its color and you will be able to create a very new type of painting or decoration. Or, try dissolving some in little water to obtain watercolors.

For any occasions:
-Great activity for having fun at home.
-Perfect birthday gift or holiday gift.
-Unique activity and favor for birthday parties. Give every child a wet sponge and some HappyMais, the children will spend a lot of time making nice and colorful toys which they will then take home. You can also put a few pieces in a recycled paper box and give them away as a very unique and eco-friendly favor.
-Creative learning activity at school. HappyMais is an innovative educational tool which can be successfully used in pre-school and elementary school.

The apron is perfect to complement the happyMais box and protect clothes since HappyMais may stain fabrics. As it contains food colorings, a low temperature washing is enough to remove any stain. Clean hands and fingers with warm water and soap. A splashmat or old newspapers/magazines are also recommended to lay down on the table/floor.

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