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I am glad to welcome you to our online store and I hope that you enjoy your experience, as well as our products.

My daughter Sasha was my inspiration, the lack of safety for baby products was my motivation, and my entrepreneurial spirit was my determination to launch peekagreen.

When I had my daughter, I thought I could trust the manufacturers, the stores, and the FDA to do their jobs and provide our children with safe products. But I realized moms and dads were on their own and had to do their own research! My list of “whys” got so long that I was compelled to find safer alternatives:

Why Europe has stricter regulations for children's products compared to the USA?
Why the USA doesn't use the precautionary principle?
Why China has two different production lines for toys, 1 for Europe and 1 for the USA?
Why are there so many recalls?
Why chemicals in most products are not required to be proven safe before entering our homes and our children's body?
Why don't we take more seriously the increasing number of surveys raising issues about these chemicals? etc.

I spent hours looking for the best products for my baby wondering how a working mother could do. I felt that I could help by handpicking the safest products. I also realized that safe for baby and safe for the environment were linked and that's how I started Peek a Green!

peeka green has handpicked the most baby-friendly and eco-friendly products and created unique gift sets for all occasions: baby showers, birthdays, holidays and everyday gifts for babies and their older brothers & sisters.

For each item you purchase, we will have a tree planted, thanks to our partnership with Trees for the Future.

Thank you for shopping with us. You are not only buying safer products for your babies, your relatives' or friends' babies but also contributing to make a greener future for our children.

Alexandra S Thusy-Privat
Founder + CEO + Mom

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