Fun Beach Day

Fun Beach Day
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Product Description

This gift sets includes:
-1 hooded towel from Bamboosa made in the USA from 80% viscose from organic bamboo and 20% recycled polyester. Bamboo is super soft, highly absorbent and UV resistant. It is perfect after baby's bath and for kid's outings at the pool or the beach!
Size = 30 x 30    Age = Newborn+
Color = Green with natural bamboo leaves

-1 sorting boat from PlanToys ethically made in Thailand from 100% organic recycled rubberwood with lead-free water based paint and non-formaldehyde glue. With shape and sort features, this set helps children learn about shapes and develop their hand-eye coordination.
Age: 2 years+

Plant a Tree Program
This gift set qualifies for 2 items = 2 trees planted.

Gift Wrapping
All our gift sets are wrapped in 100% recycled kraft and tissue papers and tied with raffia or hemp twine. You can add a gift message during checkout.

Why Bamboo is Perfect for a Baby's Sensitive Skin and the Environment?
-Naturally organic: Bamboo is grown without pesticides and fertilizers.
-Sustainable: Bamboo is arguably the most renewable resource on our planet. It has an extensive rooting system and needs little water, growing 4 to 6 new shoots per year. It is, in fact, considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world.
-Eco-friendly: Bamboo absorbs nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees. It is critical in the fight to end global warming. Bamboo is rain-fed only and helps to reduce soil erosion. It is a grass, so it regenerates without the need for replanting.
-100% biodegradable: Bamboo fiber comes from nature and it returns entirely to nature in the end.
-Absorbent: Bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks water away from the body 3 to 4 times faster than cotton. In warm, humid weather, bamboo clothing helps keep baby drier, cooler, and more comfortable. Another advantage is that bamboo fabric doesn't stick to the skin. Bamboo fiber and fabric require less dye than 100% cotton fabric because bamboo has a better absorbency than conventional cotton.
-Breathable and thermo-regulating.
-Antibacterial: Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal presumably because of a bacteriostasis agent unique to bamboo plants called, "bamboo kun," which also helps bamboo resist harboring odors.
UV resistant: Bamboo fiber does have natural UV protection. According to the Suncare Research Laboratories, the UPF label rate is 15. The 100% bamboo fabric scored 18.3 on the UPF scale with 94.15% UVA block and 93.17% UVB block.
-Hypoallergenic: Bamboo's organic and natural properties make it non-irritating to a baby's sensitive skin.
-Luxuriously soft: It is often compared to silk or cashmere, but easier to clean (washer and dryer safe). The fibers won't peel, making it safer for babies.

About PlanToys: Safe and Green Toys from an Innovative Company

Thailand based company PlanToys (Plan Creations Co. Ltd)is the world's first and largest manufacturer of recycled wooden toys. PlanToys comes from rubberwood trees that are too old to produce latex. Prior to PlanToys, these trees were cut, burned and discarded, and hence creating additional carbon emissions. Through PlanToys these trees are re-used to create innovative and safe wooden toys loved by children around the world. There is no deforestation involved in the harvesting of rubberwood, as felled trees are replanted with new ones. Rubberwood is an eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality wood.

PlanToys selects the SAFEST and MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENLDY materials:

-Organic Rubberwood:
All PlanToys are made with clean, natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. To keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for three years before the trees are cut. To strengthen the wood, PlanToys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process.

-E-Zero Glue
PlanToys are assembled using a proprietary, non-formaldehyde E-Zero glue instead of the commonly-used toxic wood glues.

-Water Based Dye
PlanToys does not use dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals. They use only safe, non-toxic water-based dyes on all of their toys.

-Recycled and Recyclable Material
PlanToys uses recycled and recyclable material to minimize their impact on the environment.

-Soy Ink & Water based Ink
PlanToys uses soy and water-based inks on their printed materials. These inks are more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

Below are some certifications for PlanToys stating their safety standards towards kids, workers and the environment.


Quality Management (ISO 9001) for achieving world-class product quality and service standards.

Toy Safety Standards (ASTM North American standards and EN71 European Safety Standards) for exceeding international toy safety standards.

PlanToys produces all of its toys in its own factory, which ensures complete control of materials, workmanship, and hence quality.


Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001) for providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Social Accountability Management (SA 8000 recognizing the PlanToys' policy to enhance employee quality of life by providing full and equal opportunity to all of its workers.


Environmental Management (ISO 14001) reflecting the PlanToys' commitment to environmental awareness and activities. For instance, the PlanToys plants use state of the art solar energy and biomass (fuel from biodegradable organic material).

Additionally, PlanToys' goal is to create INNOVATIVE toys for the development of every child.

Child specialists regard PlanToys as effective educational tools and PlanToys has won numerous awards from Europe, USA and Asia for their innovative, smart and fun toys.

PlanToys incorporates thoughtful design and age-appropriate challenges to empower children, encourages social interaction, promotes natural learning, creative play and rewards discovery.