Naturepedic was founded by parents, grandparents and scientists who understand the potential harm that can come from toxic chemicals, and is committed to providing safer and healthier mattresses and bedding for babies and children. All their products are proudly manufactured by skilled craftsman in their eco-factory located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Naturepedic is a GOTS certified organic mattress and bedding manufacturer, and all their mattresses are Greenguard certified.

Check out the comparison table to help you choose the best mattress for your baby/toddler. Each item is listed below the table.

Traditional or Seamless Design?
There are two main differences between the traditional and seamless designs. The first involves functionality. The seamless design features heat sealed waterproof edges that prevent moisture or fluids from seeping into the mattress along the edge. While it is rare for an accident to occur along the edge of the mattress, it is a possibility. The waterproof edges also provide a more allergenically sealed construction. The second difference involves aesthetics. Some people prefer the traditional look of a binding or trim while others prefer the sleek modern look of the seamless design.

Single Firmness or Dual Firmness?
A single firmness crib mattress will have the same firmness on both sides. This firmness level will work for both infants and toddlers. With a dual firmness model, the two sides have been tailored specifically for the stage of the child. This specialization results in a slightly firmer infant side and a slightly softer toddler side.

150 or 252 coil innerspring?
The 252 coil innerspring is a bit firmer, but the real advantage lies in the center reinforcement. In addition to more coils, the 252 coil innerspring features 9 guage cross beams that help prevent sagging in the center of the mattress (a Naturepedic exclusive). This is really only a concern with cribs that don't support the center of the mattress well (e.g. cribs with a wire mesh support system). Both innerprings feature 9 gauge border wire for strong edge support and are designed to meet the CPSC recommendations for firm support in baby crib mattresses.