Willow Toys - Wooden Ice Box

Willow Toys - Wooden Ice Box
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-1 wooden icebox from Willow Toys made in the USA (New Hampshire) from 100% New Hampshire solid pine wood with a natural oil and wax finish and formaldehyde-free glue. The wood comes from sustainable farm trees in New Hampshire. This fabulous wooden toy icebox will keep your little ones playing for hours. It has 3 shelves and handcrafted oversized door handles that are so fun to open and close! With the freezer on top, it serves as fabulous storage for all of those pots and pans or wooden food. There is absolutely no MDF or plywood in this product, only solid wood and no more than 2 table spoons of glue is used for the assembly. The edges have been rounded smooth for a beautiful and safe toy for your child. This icebox comes with a lifetime guarantee, fully assembled and ready to play with. This is sure to be an heirloom passed down through the generations!

The wood finish creates a velvety golden appearance that will look aesthetically pleasing in any room of your house. If you prefer, you can select unfinished, but it is recommended that you apply some type of finish in order to protect the wood in the long run.
Ingredients (finish/unscented): Soybean oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, beeswax, carnauba wax.
The manufacturer offers a scented finish with essential oils. However, at Peek a Green, we do not recommend essential oils. "They emit VOCs just like synthetic fragrances do, and carry many of the same risks", according to a recent study on scented products from Professor Anne Steinemann, Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Washington).

With the bottom apron cut, the Willow Icebox is a great match for the Ivy's or Dakota's Kitchens, while the Devin's Icebox, with the bottom straight cut, is a great match for the Liam's or Sandy's Kitchens.

Size: 34" (tall) 16" (wide) and 11" (deep).
Age: 2 years+

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